About Us


The formation of MuseEnergy envisioned to strategically serving the dynamic of Oil & Gas, Energy industries. Our strategic business alliance and aggressive expansion have facilitated our progress and positioned ourselves as a recognized player in the Malaysian, Egyptian and regional oil and gas industry.We have designed our business model to meet the needs of the robust upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas, Drilling Rigs and services, Chemicals for Production, Acidizing, IOR and Mud Additives, Bitumen supply, ?API Ball and Gate valves, Bulk Iraqi sulfur supply and trade, Aluminum Ingots, Billets supply and trading


Muse Group Malaysia

MUSE GROUP is a global multi domain business services in one predominant establishment, headquartered in Malaysia with offices around the world; it incorporates a wide network of partners and unlimited capabilities. At MUSE GROUP, we are firmly determined to add value to the strategic development of our targeted clients and to our companies. Our business activities vary from Oil & Gas, Energy industries, Raw materials trading, education, healthcare, pharmaceutics, digital marketing, financing, technology, to consultancy and investment; all activities are focused on creating opportunities for sustainable growth and strategic expansion and on providing reasonably acceptable quality services to the vast majority of our common people. We build our diversification around our business expertise, and by establishing profound partnerships with local and world-renowned companies.


We strive to provide high quality products and services to the industry, cost effectively and at the same time keeping emphasis on health, safety and environmental requirements.
We have wide-ranging technical expertise, service offerings and project delivery capabilities in offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities and Raw materials trading. We takes pride in our versatility, creative team and professionalism. We understand that each customer requires a different type of service. But what remains true for all of our customers is that we will devote all the time and energy needed to provide a superior service

Our vision

To utilize Group's expertise and best business practices to expand into new sectors and markets whilst simultaneously maintaining and growing operations.

Our Clients